Liquid Fertilizer 16-8-4

Liquid Fertilizer 16-8-4

Product Description

LIQUID FERTILIZER 16-8-4 is a general purpose fertilizer that provides vigorous, sustained growth of turf. It is the best all-season fertilizer.

Use on: • Nursery stock • Athletic fields • Golf greens • Shrubs • Newly seeded areas

Features and Benefits:

  • Promotes vigorous, sustained plant growth
  • Ideal all-season fertilizer
  • Liquid formula goes directly to the root zone

*Per Wisconsin Statute § 94.643, which took effect on April 1st, 2010, fertilizer that is labeled as containing phosphorus or available phosphate cannot be applied to lawns or turf in the state of Wisconsin unless; the end-user is to establish new turf, or if a laboratory analysis that substantiates that the soil is deficient in phosphorus has been conducted within 36 months.  This law does not apply to fertilizers that are used for agriculture, pastures, home gardens for flowers or vegetables, trees and shrubs, or for land used to grow grass for sod.


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