Boiler Treat “S”

Boiler Treat “S”

Scale and corrosion inhibitor for hard water

Product Description

BOILER TREAT “S” is a multipurpose liquid additive for use in soft water steam boiler applications. Fortified with scale and corrosion inhibitors to prevent the deposition of lime, scale, rust and other minerals in large water-treatment boilers.


This liquid steam boiler additive is a phosphate-based cycle treatment fortified with a proven polymeric scale inhibitor. It was designed for use in soft-water environments and can be used on a “one-shot” basis or with an automated continuous feed system. It is safe to use with other boiler treatment chemicals, especially steam line treatments and oxygen scavengers.

Effective Against: • Scaling • Corrosion•  Lime & Mineral Deposits  • Rust

Features and Benefits: 

  • Prevents and controls lime, scale, rust and mineral deposits. 
  • Excellent dispersant of suspended solids for more thorough blow down. 
  • Restores heat transfer efficiency.


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